We provide a range of facilities and learning opportunities that cater for the diverse needs of our students within and beyond the classroom. The school grounds are extensive and playing areas include both grass and asphalt playgrounds with security fences on all boundaries. There is a large shade structure to accommodate the whole school for assemblies and special events.

Open Play Spaces

We offer a variety of learning experiences on our playground, including active and thinking play like running, basketball, soccer, and handball, free-play, passive play, drawing and socialising in our reflective areas.


STEM Learning Areas

We empower students to reach their full potential by tapping into their skills. We foster collaborative, active and creative learning, as students develop the ability to problem solve, working with each other, sharing and creating new ideas.


Dynamic Classrooms

Our contemporary learning spaces provide students with opportunities for dynamic collaboration. Our environment fosters independent learners, utilising a variety of  interactive digital technologies and resources.